March 22, 2024 John Rehbein

One Task, Two Task, Red Task, Blue Task (Open Coaching)

Task Management in a Law Firm

In this Open Coaching Session, we talk about the important role task management plays for any position in a law firm, though specifically, the Client Services Coordinator role..

Do you find it difficult to manage your tasks working in a Law Firm? Especially as a Client Service Coordinator or Legal Assistant? It can be frustrating and overhelming. In this Legal Technology Open Coaching Hour, we talk about how to keep your tasks in check and if they are already out of control, how to get back on track effectively. Task management is a break or break for an employee at a Law Firm, and sometimes the law firm as a whole. We also show you how Lawmatics, Clio Grow, Clio Manage, MyCase, and Actionstep help you with task management in a positive way.

We cover this in detail in this open coaching hour video below.

Once you learn how important law firm task management is, you will find yourself less stressed and excited to start every day fresh and ready to be the boss of your role in the firm.

Take the Next Step Today to Get Your Task Management Under Control Using Legal Technology

Schedule a free Discovery Meeting with us. We will listen to your goals, wishes, dreams, and frustrations with your current CRM, Database, or Practice Management System.  We can then make a game plan together to help you reach the heights you have in sight.  We are certified in Lawmatics, Clio, MyCase, and Actionstep.

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Open Coaching Hour Video


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