April 5, 2024 John Rehbein

How to Conduct a Weekly Team Meeting

Legal Practice Management System

Do you struggle conducting productive Weekly Team Meeting’s in your Law Firm? This is the Open Coaching for you!

In this session, we actually conduct a Law Firm Weekly Team Meeting and how you can effectively do it in a productive and efficient way. You can’t do that without accucurate and easy to access law firm legal reporting though. So how do you do that? A proper database.

We always recommend Lawmatics, Clio, MyCase, or Actionstep.

When implemented properly, pulling a report out only takes a few moments. What is Lawmatics? What is Clio? What is MyCase? What is Actionstep? Is Lawmatics right for your law firm? How can you get easy and accurate reporting for your law firm whether you are an Estate Planning Law Firm, Elder Law, or any other type of law firm?

Easy. Schedule your free Discovery Meeting with us and we will work with you to get you on the track to success!

Let’s Do It Together

Are you ready to see how Actionstep can benefit your office?

Schedule a free Discovery Meeting with us. We will listen to your goals and frustrations with your current database and show you how to get easy and accurate reporting with your database to conduct proper Law Firm Weekly Team Meetings.

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