April 3, 2024 John Rehbein

Lawmatics | Client Portal

Legal Practice Management System

Do you want to provide an extra level of excellent customer service to your clients in your law firm? The Lawmatics Client Portal is a great way to do that.

Lawmatics Client Portal features include:

The Lawmatics Client Portal is a tool to give your prospective and current clients access to their own web app, keeping them up to date on the progress of their matter. You can share messages, documents, forms & signature documents, file requests, calendar events, billing information and history, and even tasks. This is a Client Service Coordinator’s dream because they can provide information to clients in real time and even message them back and forth…right from within the Lawmatics platform for your law firm.

Workflow Engines

Workflow is the key to transforming your law practice into an efficient business.

Workflow defines the steps, tasks and timing of any process to automate how things are done at your firm. Collect information, assign tasks, track progress, update clients and make sure everything is checked off before moving to the next step. Delegate to your staff with the assurance that everything will be done according to plan.

Let’s Do It Together

Are you ready to see how powerful the Lawmatics Client Portal can be for your clients?

Schedule a free Discovery Meeting with us. We will listen to your goals and frustrations with your current database and show you how this feature can resolve your concerns.

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