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What we do

Ettinger Tech specializes in providing intelligent technology solutions for law firms. With our expertise in legal software, workflows, and intakes, we guide your team toward mind-blowing efficiency and profitability. We are certified with Lawmatics, Clio, DecisionVault, ActiveCampaign, Calendly, and may other tools to empower your firm’s success

CRMs & Legal Databases

Law firms often struggle with data chaos. Tracking client metrics, from initial intake calls to project completion, can be daunting. But fear not! Our certified partnerships with LawMatics, Clio, and DecisionVault (and others) empowers you to streamline your law firm’s processes. Say goodbye to scattered notes and hello to a well-organized database that works for you and benefits your clients.

Cloud Integrations

As a busy attorney, imagine having your law firm accessible from anywhere in the world. We specialize in cloud integration, liberating you from office constraints. Your legal journey is our priority. Together, you can gain your time back.

Law Firm Reporting

Comprehensive reporting isn’t just essential; it’s your firm’s secret weapon! Imagine tracking metrics, strengths, and weaknesses from anywhere in the world. We do this through the intuitive tools of Microsoft Power BI and your CRM or Legal Database. Let’s elevate your success story today!

Client Experience

You can have the best legal expertise in the industry, but without exceptional client service, it’s like a book cover with no book. At Ettinger Tech, we’re your backstage crew, teaching you how to make your clients feel like VIPs. Our secret sauce? Powerful legal technology tools that elevate their experience beyond expectations. Because in the legal world, amazing customer service isn’t isn’t just a bonus—it’s the main act!

Team Coaching

Invest in your team. When your team feels like a puzzle missing a few pieces, it’s time for a coaching upgrade! At Ettinger Tech, we transform “meh” into “magnificent.” Let us sprinkle some magic dust on your already amazing team, turning them into role-defining rockstars. From intake to customer service, your law firm can define success!

Industry Leading Partnerships

Unlock your law firm’s superpowers. At Ettinger Tech, we don’t just partner with any coaches; we collaborate with world-class experts! Imagine these legal gurus huddled around your firm, helping you shape its identity and success. We’re the catalyst that turns “good” into “unstoppable.” Together, we can make your current extraordinary seem ordinary.

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Intelligent Solutions.

At Ettinger Tech, we’ve walked the law firm path for years—navigating the twists, turns, and paperwork storms in the back office. We know the internal frustrations of managing and running a law firm. But here’s the secret: we transform our experience into your firm’s secret weapon. With our guidance, you’ll soar to new heights of efficiency, automation, and profitability using cutting-edge legal software solutions. Imagine streamlined processes powered by Lawmatics, Clio, or DecisionVault—your law firm’s flight plan to success!

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Dive into our social media rabbit hole! It’s like Narnia, but with more legal technology tips and tricks and fewer talking lions. Transform your firm, one post read at a time!

Get Connected.

Dive Into Our Social Media Rabbit Hole! It’s Like Narnia, But With More Legal Technology Tips And Tricks And Fewer Talking Lions. Transform Your Firm, One Post Read At A Time!